The White Shark Trust Field Research Assistantship is proud to introduce you to our assistants:

Sophie Fleur POST from Groningen, The Netherlands

Jessica REDINGER from Hope Valley, RI, USA

Oliver RUDD from Oxford, England


Gael LAMIELLE from Decines, France

On the 2nd of July 2004, Michael and Tracey came back from Switzerland, welcoming the new assistants to Gansbaai.

A strong winter storm hit the coastline the same day, and the ocean is and will be very rough for a couple of days.

On Sunday the 4th of July 2004, the weather was very nice, the rain and wind gone, but the ocean was still very rough... A huge swell hammered the coast in front of Gansbaai, and like last year in July, a group of pro-surfers came to make the most of these amazing conditions.

The town's electricity was also cut during the whole day due to maintenance, so we watched these surfers playing, and then went to De Kelders to spot some Whales... but no luck there... the waves were huge and the Whales probably preferred a slightly more sheltered coastline to laze around. We nevertheless enjoyed a good milkshake at the Cafe on the Rocks.

I dedicate these photographs to Darren Hunniford who is assisting the White Shark research project in False Bay (and surfing every chance he gets) and to TJ Baranek who is surfing the waves in Peru at the moment...

On Monday the 5th of July 2004, we went to sea on board Lamnidae - Our first day at sea with the new group of assistants. This was going to be an orientation day for the new group, and no Shark pictures unfortunately as I had to be on the baitline... and also because we only observed two Sharks who did not do much... but it was great seing White Sharks (again for me)!!!