On the 28th of October 2004, the famous IZIKO South African Museum in Cape Town inaugurated a permanent gallery dedicated to the world of Sharks...
Dr. Leonard Compagno, director of the Shark Research Center at the South African Museum, opened this fantastic new museum sponsored by the Save Our Seas Foundation.
SharkWorld takes the viewer on an insightful evolutionary journey 400 million years back in time to the earliest predecessors of the Sharks. Superb works of art provide colourful impressions of how these long-gone creatures may have looked.

The exhibition includes comprehensive displays on Chondrichthyans - Sharks, Skates, Rays and Chimeras - from tiny Pigmy Sharks to the massive Whale Shark, and from the seemingly prehistoric Sawshark to the electrifying Torpedo Ray.

Above: Greta, the Great White Shark, is the centerpiece of the SharkWorld display
Further highlights include life-size marine models, an anatomy display of the innards of Sharks and 'Shark electric' in which the extra-sensory abilities of Sharks and their sensitivity to magnetic fields are explored. Visitors will witness some strange reproductive strategies - even by human standards - and a degree of sibling rivalry which decrees it 'normal' to consume one's siblings in utero!
The White Shark Trust would like to highly recommend this amazing new gallery to the South African Museum.

Shark World offers very comprehensive information and interesting facts about the world of Sharks for both children and adults.

Visitors of Shark World can spend several hours looking and reading through all the information on display, and of course the other exhibits are also well worth spending time visiting, especially the main gallery with the Blue Whale, Southern Right Whale and Sperm Whale skeletons.

More information about the museum and directions to the museum can be found below...

Above: The group of people who gave birth to SharkWorld: Leonard Compagno from the Shark Research Center, South African Museum (top/left), Chris Clarke from the Save Our Seas Foundation (top/middle/left), Tom Campbell founder of Tom Campbell's Photo & Video Production (front/left) and Terry Hage (front/right)
Above: Chris Clarke (Save Our Seas Foundation) inauguration speech
Above: Leonard Compagno (Shark Research Center, IZIKO) inauguration speech
For more pictures of the inauguration of Shark World on Thursday 28th of October 2004, please visit our photo gallery here. And for more images of the exhibit, on a visit to Shark World with our assistants, please click here.
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